Why You May Need A Foot Specialist

While everyone invests a lot of time in taking care of their skin, their face, hair, hands and other body parts, not many people tend to give the fair share of importance to their feet. Even though a lot of men and women do regularly visit spas for pedicures and other foot treatments, the general public is still less concerned about them. The reasons behind this negligence are several. One of the main factors is that the feet are the last of the body parts and way below the rest. People are unable to see every detail of it.

Common reasons to see a foot specialist


The most common medical problem associated with feet is the different types of pains. The feet carry the entire burden of the body and the activities performed by the body. Even a normal walk to the toilet puts the same the amount of weight on the feet as a jog in the park. But, as the pressure mounts on them, they tend to become sore and numb. And it can worsen if, during the walk or jog, a person twists their ankle. Apart from causing distress and a trip to the foot specialist, it can completely leave the person immobile. Therefore, foot straining, swelling or breaking of bones while walking, running or playing sports are the major complaints of people that visit a foot specialist. Moreover, wounds that get escalated by the friction of the feet with the shoe or sustained while walking barefoot can also force someone to head to a podiatrist.

Irritation and itching

Skin irritation which is also known as Athletes foot and itching are two inter-related feet problems that can be caused by a lot of factors. Blisters, inflammation, infection, are some of those factors that can all leave anyone agitated. And when the itching increases, it can become a serious issue because the affected person is no longer able to wear shoes, walk or perform everyday duties. Another problem that is associated with itching is redness. When the itching spots are regularly rubbed by the nails, they can also cause redness and discoloration.


Toenail fungus and the ingrowth of toenails are very common and can happen to anyone. This can be either because of improper care of the feet or foot or because of natural factor.


While itchihealthleftasdfghjng can cause redness and discoloration, there is another lethal factor behind the discoloring of the feet skin which is caused by the inadequate flow of blood. When a particular vein in the foot or the region leading to the foot is either sprained or blocked, then foot starts to turn purple. People do not immediately head to a foot specialist and continue to perform their activities with it. This eventually leads to numbness and complete immobility of the feet or foot.