Choosing The Right Hairstyle For Your Face

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Perhaps you have been wondering how possible it is to have same hair like your favorite actor or buddy. The answer is yes, it is possible and this all boils down to the type of face one has. You only need to know you face type to know what hairstyle suits you best.

Tips for choosing the right hairstyle


The type of face is usually determined by your broad forehead, tapering jaw, and wider cheekbones. Each of these facial points is in equal proportions hence you can choose any hairstyle you want. Oval shaped faces are usually on the longer side then longer, and thicker cuts will help make your face look rounder. However, if the strands are on the thinner side, then a shorter cut can be appropriate for your consideration.


Heart-shaped faces are broad at your forehead and taper inward at your chin. Most people with this face like to embrace the V-shaped point type of hairline and it is advisable to go for a center-parted look.


Round faces have all the faces points i.e. cheekbones, forehead, and jawline of the same width. All lengths of hair can work for those with this type of face. If you settle for shorter cuts, ensure you consider the text. Sleek straight lengths will make the jaw more prominent. Bouncy curls, sexy layers, and wavy hairstyles are the best for this type of face.

Diamond shaped

Those with the cheekboDiamond shapednes as the widest point of theirs faces, tend to have a face that is a diamond in shape. The chin, as well as the forehead, tend to be narrower. Hairstyles that make the widest points of your face look narrower will suit you best if your face is diamond shaped. Also straight and sleek haircuts will fall against the cheek compared to soft curls and wavy texture. These are recommended for this type of face.

You may have a haircut on but fail to look great simply because you have not taken into consideration the shape of your face. If you do not know the shape of your face, then you can check this by tracing around your face using eyeliner or lipstick. This will help you choose the right hairstyle.