How To Select A Gym Towel


Gym enthusiasts know that a gym towel comes in handy when you go for your daily workouts. Wiping off sweat from the face and body helps to minimize the transfer of germs. Gym towels also help to keep you feeling dry and clean as well. Besides this, they also keep your body cool after intense workout sessions. Choosing the best gym material is the surest way to reap these benefits, and hence you have to be careful when choosing your workout towel. When going for the workouts, you need the best and today there are various designs in the market.

What to consider when choosing a gym towel

The materialtowels

The best material for your workout towel is cotton, and most towels are made of cotton. This is possible because cotton fibers get to dry quickly and are super absorbentĀ as well. If you go to the gym regularly, then obviously need a material that can be cleaned and dried easily and cotton is the best choice. Cotton is also more durable than other options like microfiber, linen, and blends of cotton and polyester.


The main use of gym towels is absorbing excess water that is in the form of sweat secreted during workouts. You should choose a towel that has loops which absorb the sweat easily. The more loops the towel has, the greater the absorbency rate. However, make sure that the towel is not as thick as the full bath towel otherwise it will retain water easily hence extra weight. Be careful also to avoid using harsh detergents and fabric softeners on the gym towel as they will affect its absorbency.


The length of the fibers making the towel determines the softness of the gym towel. Lengthy fibers mean softer towels but since for gym towels you do not need extra absorbency; a standard fiber length will work just fine. Ensure the towel is gentle enough on areas like the face which are more sensitive.

Size and weight

towelsThe fabric density determines your towel weight. Thin fabrics mean light towel and less expensive as well. Your workout towel should always be heavier to allow it serve regular users but not too heavy to harbor bacteria and trap moisture when it is not well dried. The length of the workout duration should help you determine the right weight and size of your towel. Also consider your packing requirements and bag size relation. You body size also determines the towel size.

Today there are different categories of towels which makes it easier for you to buy or make orders from a supplier. It is better to buy towels on wholesale as it saves you a lot of money.